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June 03, 2008

Prayer to Guru Rinpoche

These are some additional prayers and mantras you can recite for all the different purposes;

29. Prayer to Guru Rinpoche

Picture by Candy Tan

(Also known as Guru Padmasambhava - to clear any form of obstacles especially black magic, charm, curse, robbery, harm of elements, harm of spirits, harm from negative energies from both human and non human and environments. It also helps to clear whatever aspect of unfortunate in business, at work and obstacles in spiritual development.)

Precious guru, embodiment of all buddhas of the three times;

Great bliss, the lord of all accomplishments;

Wrathful power, who dispels all hindrances and subdues demons;

Pray bestow your blessings

Please remove the outer, inner, and secret obstacles and grant

your blessings to accomplish wishes spontaneously.

Du sum sang gyay guru rinpoche

Ngo drup kun dak de wa chhen poi zhap

Bar chhad kun sel dud dul drak po tsai

Sol wa deb so jyin gyiy lap tu sol

Chhyl nang sang wai bar chhad zhi wa dang

Sam pa lhun gyi drup par jyin gyi lob

When, due the obstacles of the elements earth, water, fire and wind,

This illusory body, which is rented, is meeting the time to be perished,

Requesting undoubtedly, without two pointed mind to

Padmasambhava and the Goddess of the Elements, [there is] no

doubt the four elements get naturally pacified.

I request, Orgyen, the One Rising From the Lotus (Orgyen Padma Chung Na),

Please bless the wishes to succeed naturally.