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June 03, 2008

Mantras For Recitation

These are some additional prayers and mantras you can recite for all the different purposes;

29. Black Manjushri Mantra

(Beneficial for spirit harms, black magic, naga harms and cure of cancer.)

Om Tra So / Chu So / Dur Ta So / Dur Mi So / Nying Ga La Choe / Kha La Za / Kam Sham Tram / Beh Phe Shava (7x)

30. Mantra for blessing meat

(Recite then blow on the meat before consumption. It will purify the meat and it will bring the benefit of liberation to the being. The mantra will transform the meat to nectar and create extensive generosity and merits so it becomes a cause of enlightenment. One will not commit heavy negative karma of eating the meat rather one will bring great benefit to the being the meat belongs to.)

Om Ah Bira Khe Chara Hum (7x)

31. Geshe Lama Konchog’s Holy Name Mantra

(For accumulation of extensive merits to actualize enlightenment within one brief life time)

Om Su Ma Ti Sam Pan Na Sarwa Siddhi Hum Phet (7x)