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June 26, 2008

Prayer for Auspicious Buddha's Day

The recommended practice to do during any auspicious Buddha's day is to take the Eight Mahayana Precepts and will gain the following benefits. The mantra of morality is specially beneficial for purifying the negative karma especially those that has to do with breaking ethics such as in relation to guru disciples, Samayas, Individual Liberation Vows, Bodhisattva Vows, Tantric Vows and even for impure relationships (among couples, children and parents, girlfriend and boyfriend, among friends and even nation to nation, etc). All other difficult relationship will be also be purified.

It is also highly recommended to practice Eight Mahayana Precept for the prevention of man made and natural disaster. Therefore this Eight Mahayana Precept, preserving the eight precepts for 24 hours which start before sunrise (recommended before 5.30 am) and end the next day before sunrise. This practice is not only suitable for holy occasions but can be done at any day. It is very easy plus it has unbelievable benefits.

If the whole world can do this precept even for a day, there could be a great chance to actualize peace in the world from every expect. If you alone do this practice, it has the great benefit to change the world to a better place. And of course it is one of the most powerful practice for protection and purification of past negativities and prevention from any form of future obstacles such as natural disaster, robbery, kidnapping, black magic or charm and negative energies from both human and environment.

If you are inspired to practice either for your own self or for your family, country or the whole world, then you can just follow the practice and preserve the precept purely and dedicate for the peerless happiness in particularly dedicate for actualization of your own wishes.

[Please refer to the Taking the Eight Mahayana Precepts prayers in the section on "Prayers"]