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June 27, 2015

Earthquake Relief Support

With the blessings from gurus, the kind and compassionate support from brothers and sisters in Dharma, I would like to express my deepest gratitude to Kopan-Tsum Earthquake Relief Mission Team lead by Gyen Tenpa Choden(senior head manager of Kopan Monastery / Director of Tsum Project Rachen Nunnery and Mu Monastry),Geshe Jangchup, Gyen Shenphen, Gyen Tenzin Lundrup, Ven Ani Fran and all Kopan volunteers, Yuyin Khor and team from Yayasan Nanyang Press, Kopan-Tsum Earthquake Relief coordinator YK Low and all supporters in Malaysia, Kopan-Tsum Earthquake Relief Coordinator Su Su Chin, her family and supporters in Taiwan, Kopan-Tsum Earthquake Relief Coordinator Tan Take Fong and supporters in Singapore, Kopan-Tsum Earthquake Relief Coordinator Ireen, Nana and Kasama in Thailand and all the other compassionate coordinators and supporters around the world who have contributed in many different ways to the best of their ability to this earthquake relief mission for Tsum Valley.  Numberless thanks also to Chokyi Gyaltsen Center in Penang, Malaysia lead by their Resident Teacher Geshe Deyang, Center Director Daniel Yeoh and all members and friends who helped and contributed generously to the Kopan and Kopan Tsum Earthquake Relief Mission.

After many rounds of serious discussions with Gyen Tenpa Choden, there was a concern about the long term effects of the devastation in Tsum Valley that was struck by the 7.8 magnitude earthquake, followed by many aftershocks. Besides bringing immediate temporary relief like food, sleeping bags, tents, medicine and supplies, we felt that long term support is also crucial, without which, humans and domestic animals cannot survive the harsh winters and punishing environment. This long term support has to last and be usable for generations to come. For this reason, we are doing our utmost to rebuild the homes of these 509 families living there, restore & preserve hundreds of unique and sacred Buddhist symbols of nonviolence and compassion such as stupas, prayer wheel shrines and gompas (temples) that were badly damaged due to the earthquake and works towards re-building local schools and bridges that serve the local community and support the livelihood of hundreds of villagers in Tsum Valley.

Today with the vivid appearance of my precious gurus smiling faces, the tears of joy in my eyes and the remembrance of the unconditional love and compassion of my brothers and sisters in Dharma from all over the world, I would like to announce that whatever relief we brought to those who we believed to be the most needy amongst the humble people of Tsum Valley was completed successfully on 25/6/2015, with each of these 509 families receiving one tent, one sleeping bag and sum of donation per family for their home rebuilding fund from Yuyin Khor (Yayasan Nanyang Press).

Separate funds collected by coordinators In Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia and other countries are contributed for TIN ROOFING for the most effected village’s homes in Tsum ChoeKang, Zong, NyagGyu LeyRoo for all 112 families.

The funds received from FPMT Inc and Kopan Monastery was used towards the restoration of stone STUPAS, PRAYER WHEEL SHRINES, those GOMPAS (temples) under the care of 6 different Labrang Lamas, 7 local SCHOOLS and one BRIDGE along the 13 villages of Tsum Valley.

The separate dedicated funds received for Rachen Nunnery and Mu Monastry was used for the restoration of Mu Monastery and Rachen Nunnery’s building damage from the earthquake.

I would like to thank numberless times with much gratitude to all contributors and supporters of this amazing relief mission for TSUM Village. This impossible mission would not have been possible within such a short period of time without the help of Kopan Monastery (Gyen Tenpa Choden, Gyen Shenphen,)Yuyin Khor( Yayasan Nanyang Press and team ), all the coordinators YK Low, Su Su Chin, Tan Take Fong,Ireen Ong, Ven Ani Yeshe Khadro, Pek Chee Hen (Vajrayana Buddhist Council of Malaysia), Jane Thoo (education support group for underprivileged children), Ven Thubten Pema and Chenrezig Institute Australia (DB group), Mdm Wong, Ernest,Thomas Jakob, SS Lim, Cassandra, Mdm Chey, Wee Née, Angela Neo, Angeline Lim, Mdm Wong Thye Fah, Yew Hong Thiam & Michael Kuang, Ken Woo Kin Fai, Susanto Effendy, Sunny Loke Yan Sun, Steven Tham, Chew Eng Shan, Roselin Leong Sai Lin, Fu Eng Goh, Christopher Kok, Chua Kong Khai, Priscilla Wong, Carrie Chin, Lynda Loo, Nana, Kasama, Thao Nguyen, Elenie Tan, Thupten Lundrup, Tenzin Nyawang and many others for their immense hard work and dedicating so much of your precious time coordinating with all the compassionate donors to mount thisunparalleled relief mission.

I am unable to list out the names of all benefactors who have supported this mission but we all know that without your BIG HEART of great compassion, immeasurable kindness and generous donations, this impossible feat would not have been accomplished within a period of just one month.

February 19, 2015

Happy Losar

Losar Tashi Delek and very happy new year to all brothers and sisters in dharma.

May this new year brings you and your family in perfect health,lasting happiness, prosperities and fill with virtues deeds. May every single actions of our body speech and mind become the cause of lasting happiness of all living beings and be the direct cause of full enlightenment.

Happy new year BUT must accept the fact that each and every one of us getting older, meaning getting lesser time to use of this precious human rebirth for the maximum benefits for oneself and others. So this year onward we must be serious enough to make a commitment and be mindful all through out each and every day and night to be more compassionate,more loving,more tolerance,more forgiving,more calmer,more acceptance,more understanding,more harmony,more meditation,more exercise,more peaceful within,more smiles,more kinder words,more virtues deeds and of-course less ANGER!.

With lots of prayers and Losar Tashi Delek.
Geshe Zopa

January 02, 2015

During His Holiness' Jangchub Lamrim teachings in Ganden
from December 23rd till December 29th, 2014 

January 01, 2015

2015 New Year Message

Phuntsok Rinpoche & Kyabje Lama Zopa Rinpoche

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all brothers and sisters in Dharma. May everyone have a meaningful 2015, with lots of virtuous, lasting happiness, abundance of conducive needs and progress in spiritual path up to enlightenment.

With prayers,
Geshe Zopa