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February 23, 2009

February 19, 2009

Review on Unmistaken Child Movie

This email was sent by Christiane who is a writer in Germany to Nati about her views on the Unmistaken Child movie [Nati is the director of Unmistaken Child].

Dear Mr. Nati,

Please accept my heartfelt congratulations on this stunning documentary! I got a chance to see "Unmistaken Child" on the Berlinale yesterday and I am still deeply moved and touched. It has been ages since a movie has been able to shake my thoughts the way your movie did. Being permitted to witness Tenzin Zopa’s determined quest opened up a whole new train of thoughts for me. For that I am really greatful and wish you all the best for any of your upcoming projects.

I hope my wishes reach you this way - but I will also try to see Unmistaken Child at one of the other screenings (hoping there will be some stage-discussion?).

Crossing my fingers for the film to be shown in lots of cinemas all over the world!

Christiane Neudecker

February 16, 2009

Message all the way from Berlin!

Dear all,

I am doing very well here in Berlin. It’s snowing and the people who invited me here is taking very good care of me with very good hotel, good food, many parties to attend and many movies to view.

The Movie Unmistaken Child received many great reviews and the screening has been very very successful up to now. There were total 6 screenings and every screening had approximately 500 audiences and basically every seat is fully occupied. After each screening, I have to attend to questions and answers and that is where I have a chance to share dharma with so many people. Everyone loves the movie! It’s also regarded as one of the best “True Love” movie ever.

Very soon all countries are going to show this movie and that includes USA, Canada, Japan and in Israel the Unmistaken Child have been showing for the past two months and each time the theatres are full. This movie might also be brought in to Singapore during their film festival.

For the past few days, I had interviews with 11 different press including television from all over the world including the Middle East countries. By the way, Unmistaken Child movie was regarded as one of the best documentary movie in Berlin Film festivals. Many many people where so touched by the movie and it’s targeted that a few millions going to watch the movie this year. REJOICE!!!!

To all my Malaysian students and friends, see you all on 25th February which is Losar night for light offering. Take care all.

With lots of prayers,

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February 09, 2009

February 08, 2009

Pictures taken during LDC group to Nepal - Dec 2008

Pictures taken by geshe zopa and courtesy of other members

February 04, 2009

Update on year 2008 and coming 2009

I spend most of my time last year in LDC teaching and subsequently the last 3 months I got the opportunity to do a retreat in Ladak, Himalaya.

In our spiritual life I felt that doing a retreat once a while is necessary. It's extremely important to enhance one's inspiration and also establish confidence in one's practice, to share one's dharma practice with others and one's inspiration by feeling that one really sees the opportunity of enlightenment. It's very comforting, very enlightening and very inspiring. I wish we all have the opportunity to do few month strict retreats each year and those of you who appreciate my column are encouraged to do so. I pray and hope that you will be able to do so to enable yourself to reflect on your practices in strict habituation all the time.

In December, I had a wonderful time meeting up with LDC students in Kopan Monastery. Over 20 of them were there for pilgrimage and we had such a wonderful time and so much merit to receive Kyabje Lama Zopa Rinpoche's holy teachings, some holy advise from Khen Rinpoche plus some quality and fun time with Phuntsok Rinpoche. We had the opportunity to have lunch and dinner with Kyabje Lama Zopa Rinpoche and receive oral transmission of powerful mantras. We also had the chance to offer extensive pujas on behalf of all the Malaysian centre's members, students and friends. Over 1000 lantern/light offerings were made and amazing opportunity to see the stunning long life puja of our beloved Kyabje Lama Zopa Rinpoche. Ldc had the opportunity to offer one of the most beautiful dharma chakra to our most respected guru to continue to turn the wheel of dharma and to come to Malaysia to teach and give initiations to all the devoted and sincere Malaysian students.

I felt there's a strong karmic connection between Malaysian FPMT students and Khen Rinpoche & Kopan Monastery Sanghas. They are like bonded with one another. I can see the closeness between them, more like family connection and that brings about one of the most fruitful and meaningful trip for them to Nepal. I believe every year there will be at least one group going to Kopan Monastery and able to have the same opportunities as the past year LDC members and students. I wish everyone who has the heart to go to do so....All the best!!!

I started 2009 with extremely meaningful days in LDC teaching dharma. I see the unity among all the centres in Malaysia, peace, happiness and well practice in all the students some of which I can see has so much inspiration, eager to learn and practice purely with pure dharma practice. From my very first day here in LDC, I'm totally inspired with students here who are filled with so much energy and inspiration. I am very very happy to be back to LDC.

We should all come together and pray for all Malaysia centres are the causes and conditions not only for Malaysians but many others all over the world to establish world peace in every single being's heart with true love, great compassion, respect, kindness and forgiveness towards everyone and not forgetting contentment in life.

I will be quite busy travelling the coming days and I am not complaining about it as I love to travel. I was away recently to Singapore because of our guru's presence there, following soon by Khen Rinpoche's visit in Wesak and while enjoying my responsibility of teaching dharma in centre here in LDC Malaysia, I will be travelling to Indonesia for Kyabje Lama Zopa's teachings. And if my karma allows, during Rinpoche's visit to Indonesia, I will be attending one of the largest Film Festival in Berlin to participate the screening of the Unmistaken Child.

If my visa is approved, I will be attending the CPMT in France. RJL in Triang, CGC in Penang and Thailand will be the other places I will be visiting.

February 02, 2009