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February 19, 2009

Review on Unmistaken Child Movie

This email was sent by Christiane who is a writer in Germany to Nati about her views on the Unmistaken Child movie [Nati is the director of Unmistaken Child].

Dear Mr. Nati,

Please accept my heartfelt congratulations on this stunning documentary! I got a chance to see "Unmistaken Child" on the Berlinale yesterday and I am still deeply moved and touched. It has been ages since a movie has been able to shake my thoughts the way your movie did. Being permitted to witness Tenzin Zopa’s determined quest opened up a whole new train of thoughts for me. For that I am really greatful and wish you all the best for any of your upcoming projects.

I hope my wishes reach you this way - but I will also try to see Unmistaken Child at one of the other screenings (hoping there will be some stage-discussion?).

Crossing my fingers for the film to be shown in lots of cinemas all over the world!

Christiane Neudecker