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April 18, 2009

WESAK 2009 Message

Dear all dharma brothers, sister and friends from all over the world,

I sincerely pray and wish that every single one of you have a most Happy Wesak / Sakadawa month and I also wish and pray that you have the most meaningful and enlightening year. I will continue to dedicate all my merits and prayers to whoever that's connected to this blog to have the most happy, most healthy, most successful, greatest and most meaningful Wesak...everyday, weeks, months and many years to come.

Suggested practices, prayers and mantras recitation for success and prosperity in work, wealth, family, harmony, happiness, good health, developments in spiritual realizations and great accumulation of merits and purification of past negative karma... these practices can be done during the month of Wesak especially 15th day of that particular month.

Do as many sets of Nyung Na retreats, 8 sets of Nyung Na if possible, if not then at least one set.

Recite as many times as possible Guru Shakyamuni's mantra. It would be great if you can recite 110 thousand times within the Wesak month.

Take 8 Mahayana Precepts as much as can or at least on 15th of Wesak month.

Do lots of light, flower, food offering to Guru Shakyamuni buddha and all buddhas of ten directions.

Read Golden Light Sutra especially Chapter 18 or at least read number of times of one's age.

Most importantly try your best to live in virtuous, positive and always happy day and night!
Once again, may you all have a happy and meaningful Wesak and Sakadawa.

With love and prayers,

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