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October 07, 2007

Khenrinpoche's Visit and Long Life Puja

This year Khenrinpoche’s visit to Malaysia was almost for a month. He managed to visit our brother and sisters’ centers and he has reached out to all the students plus many new comers and he also connected many people to Kyabje Lama Zopa Rinpoche and Kopan Monastery. As usual Khenrinpoche is always humorous and so filled with laughters. His teachings, consultations, blessings, initiations, house blessings and his loving approached has touched and change the lives of hundreds of people. Although Khenrinpoche’s schedule was very packed but he managed every single movement with great joy which make his visit very beneficial and auspicious and it also pleases his holy mind.

I received a call from Khenrinpoche recently after his return to Nepal expressing that it had been one of the most beneficial trip and he was very touched by the interest, effort and inspiration towards the dharma shown by the many old and new students. He also expressed his appreciation and heartfelt thanks to Lillian, Exco members, sanghas and students of LDC and sister centers, with lots of blessing and prayers.

October 7th, 2007 was a very auspicious and memorable day for Kopan Abbot Khenrinpoche and all LDC students. Hundreds of Malaysia and Singapore students had the opportunity to offer the most extensive long life puja for Khenrinpoche to live long and be clear of all obstacles for his life, fulfilled all his holy wishes and able to connect him with Buddha dharma in all life time. There were also the performance of the 5 dakinis of the heaven conjoined with extensive sequence of prayers, praises, request, supplications and dedication. It was also very auspicious that Khenrinpoche expressed his acceptance to live long. I can tell that it has pleased his holy mind and his presence here is filled with great happiness especially with the programs, practices, service and devotion and the closeness among the members of LDC, Chokyi Gyaltsen Penang, Rinchen Jangsemling and Kasih Hospice. This was one of the most extensive pujas offered to Khenrinpoche and we constantly pray and hope to have such opportunities in the coming years to do the same and as extensive and traditional as for Kyabje Lama Zopa Rinpoche’s long life puja this year.

The Happy Khenrinpoche
Dakini Dance

Another picture of the Dakini Dance

Our dakinis
Our beloved Khenrinpoche

All the beautiful offerings

Collyn and Falynn - Busy but happy
I like William's Tibetan costume

Look at Sharlyn's stupas for offering!!

At the puja
Friends from Singapore

Group photo after Khenrinpoche's Thanks giving dinner
At KLIA before Khenrinpoche's departure

October 03, 2007

His Holiness Shakya Trizin's Visit

With the blessings of the gurus, LDC members had the merits to invite and host His Holiness Shakya Trizin to LDC on Oct 3. It was such an auspicious day not only for the LDC students but many others. We are very honored & proud to gather over 40 Vajrayana sanghas and members from various centers in Malaysia to come together for the great purpose of interaction, understanding and providing help to each other, secure the pure practice of Tibetan Buddhism and to bring great benefit to thousands and thousands of people who has karma connection. With the blessing and presence of His Holiness and Khenrinpoche, this is the first time any Vajrayana centre have hosted for all different traditions to come in unity and practice for the same purpose.