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April 29, 2009

Taking The Eight Mahayana Precepts


General Motivation

Refuge and Bodhichitta

Take Mahayana refuge, generate the mind of enlightenment (in the 1st verse), and recite the words of upholding refuge and bodhichitta (in the 2nd verses) :

I go for refuge, until I am enlightened

To the Buddha, the Dharma and the Supreme Assembly.

Due to the merits of giving and so forth, may I achieve

Buddhahood in order to benefit migrating beings [3x]

Sang.gya ch’o.d’ang tsog.kyi ch’og.nam la

J’’ub b’ar.d’u ch’i jin.sog gyi.pai so.nam kyi p’’ir sang.gya drub.par shog. [3x]

With the thought desiring to liberate migrating beings,

I shall always go for refuge

To the Buddha, Dharma and Sangha

Until I reach the essence of enlightenment.

Dro.nam yi

Sang.gya ch’o.d’ang gen.dun la

J’’ub nying.por ch’i.kyi b’ar

Tag.par ch’i.

With perseverance for the welfare of

Sentient beings due to wisdom with mercy,

I take a place in the presence of the buddhas

And generate the mind of complete enlightenment [3x]

She.rab nying.tze d’ang cha pa sem.chan d’on.d’u dag

Sang.gya dun.d’u na.gyi te

Dzog.pai j’’ub sem.kye d’o. [3x]

(The following verses) can also be recited (either in place of or in addition to the above verses):

I go for refuge until enlightenment

To the Buddha, the Dharma and the Supreme Assembly.

I shall generate bodhichitta for the sake of achieving

The welfare of myself and others.

Sang.gya ch’o.dang’og la

J’ang.chub b’ar.du ch’i

Dag.d’ang zhan.don d’u

Dag.g’i’ub sem.kye d’o.

O buddhas and bodhisattvas

Residing in the ten directions, please listen:

For the sake of (achieving) complete enlightenment,

From now on I shall generate bodhichitta.

Ch’og.chu d’ yi

Sang.gya j’ang ch’ub son

Dag.g’i dzog.pai j’’ub ch’ir

D’ j’’ub sem.kye d’o.

Here, one may add the following prayers: blessing the place, blessing the offerings, invoking the Buddha, the seven-limb offerings and so forth.

Purifying the Place

May the ground be everywhere pure,

Free of pebbles and so forth,

Even as the palm of the hand and

Smooth as the nature of lapis lazuli.

T’am cha d’u ni sa zhi d’ag la.sog d’ang

Lag.t’il tar.nam bai.dur yai

Rang.zhin jam.por’ur chig.

Multiplying the Offerings

May the offering substances

of gods and humans,

Those actually arranged and mentally transformed,

Become peerless clouds of Samantabhadra

Pervading all the realms of space.

Lha.d’ang mi.yi ch’o.pai dza sham.d’ang yi.kyi trul

Kun.zang ch’o.trin me

Nam.k’ai k’am.kun ky’’ur chig.

Offering Cloud Dharani

Om namo bhagavate vajra sara pramardine

Tathagataya arhate samyak sambuddhaya,

Tadyatha, Om vajre vajre maha vajre, maha teja vajre,

Maha vidya vajre, maha bodhichitta vajre,

Maha bodhi mandopasamkramana vajre,

Sarva karmavarana vishodhana vajre, svaha.

Om, ban.dza sa.ra,

Ta.t’, ar.ha.te, sam.ya.sam bu.da.ya,

Ta.ya.t’a, Om ban.dze ban.dze, ma.ha ban.dze

Ma.ha ten.dza ban.dze, ma.ha bi.ya ban.dze, ma.ha bo.di tsi.ta

Ban.dze, ma.ha bo.di pa.sam ban.dze,

Sar.wa bi.sho.d’ ban.dze, so.ha.

The Power of Truth

By the power of the truth of the Three Jewels,

The blessings of all the buddhas and bodhisattvas,

The great power of the fully completed two collections,

And the immaculate and unimaginable sphere of Dharma,

May it be just thus.

Kon.choy sum.g’yi’ang, sang.gya d’ang j’ang ch’ub t’am.cha.kyi’i.lab d’ang, tsog,nyi dzog.pai

nga.t’ang, ch’en.po.d’ang, ch’o.kyi.ying nam.par d’ag.ching,’i’ab.pai, tob.kyi,

d’e.zhin nyi.d’u gy’ur.chig.


Protector of all sentient beings without exception,

Divine destroyer of the obstinate hosts of maras and their forces,

Perfect knower of all things without exception,

O Bhagavan, please come to this place together with your retinue. sem.chan’i’ur.ching pung.cha jom.dza lha

Ngo.nam yang.d’ag ky’’ur pai

Chom.dan k’or.cho na.dir sol.

Ecstatic Prostration

(Recite the following mantra while making prostration)

Om namo Manjushriye, namah su shriye, nama uttama shriye svaha.

Om,, ut.tama so.ha.

Seven-Limb Offering

I prostrate to the holy body of the Supreme Arya, the Great Compassionate One

And make each and every offering, those actually arranged and those mentally transformed.

I confess all negativities and transgressions collected since beginning-less time

I rejoice in the virtues of ordinary beings and aryas.

Please remain supremely until cyclic existence is emptied

And turn the wheel of Dharma for the sake of migrators.

I dedicate the merits of myself and others to the great enlightenment.

P’ag.chog t’ug.j’e ch’en.poi’ag tsal

Ngo.sham yi.trul ch’ bul

T’ na.sag dig.tung t’am.cha shag

Kye,p’ag ge.wa je.yi rang

K’or.wa ma.tong bar.du leg.zhug na ch’o.kyi k’or.lo kor.wa dang

Dag.zhan ge.nam j’’ub ch’en.por ngo.


Extensive Mandala

Om Vajra Bhumi Ah Hum, mighty golden ground;

Om Vajra Rekhe Ah Hum,

The outside is encircled by the surrounding metallic mountains,

In the center is Sumeru, kind of mountains;

Om ban.dza bu.mi A Hung,’en’i sa.zhi.

Om ban.dza re.k’e A Hung, ch’i chang.ri k’or.yug g’i kor.wai, rii gyal.po ri.rab.

The eastern continent, Land of the Tall-Bodied;

The southern continent, Land of Rose-apples;

The western continent, Land Enjoying Cattle;

The northern continent, Land of Unpleasant Sounds;

shar,lu p’ag.po;

lho, dzam.b’u ling;

nub, b’a.lang cho;

j’ang, dra mi,nyan;

(in the east), Bodied and Tall-Bodied;

(south), Yak-Tail, and Western Yak-Tail;

(west), Deceitful and Travelling the Supreme Path;

(north), Unpleasant Sounds and Companion;

lu d’ang lu.p’ag,

nga.yab d’ang nga.yab zhan;

yo.dan d’ang’og dro;

dra mi.nyan d’ang dro mi.nyan gy’i da;

The precious mountain, wish granting tree,

wish-fulfilling cow, and uncultivated harvest;’ei ri.wo, pag.sam gy’i.shing,

do.joi b’a, pai lo.tog;

The precious wheel, precious jewel, precious queen,

precious minister, precious elephant, precious horse,

precious general and great treasure vase;

k’or.lo’e, nor.b’u’e,’e

lon.po’e, lang.po’e,’og’e

mag.pon’e, ter ch’en.poi b’;

Goddess of grace, garlands, song, dance,

flowers, incense, lamps and perfume;, tr’eng.wa ma, g’,

me.tog ma, dug.po ma, nang.sal ma, dr’’ab ma;

The sun, moon, precious parasol,

and banner of total victory in all directions;, da.wa,’ei dug,

ch’ nam par gyal.wai gyal. Tsan;

In the center are the riches of gods and men,

perfect, lacking nothing, pure and attractive. lha d’ang mii pal.jor p’un.sum ts’ ma.tsang.wa,

tsang.zhing yi.du ong.wa

I offer this universe to the glorious, holy and kind root and lineage gurus,

and especially to the Supreme Arya, the Great Compassionate One,

together with the assembly of deities.

di.d’ag dr’in.chan tza.wa d’ang gyu.par cha.pai pal.dan

d’ nam.d’ang, ky’a.par d’u.yang p’’og t’ ch’en.poi

lha.tsog k’or d’ zhing.k’am ul.war gyio.

Please accept it with compassion for the welfare of migrators.

Having accepted it, out of your great mercy please bless me and all

migrating mothering sentient beings equal to the extent of space.

T’ dro.wai d’on.d’u dag.sog dro.wa,’ur nam.k’a t’a dang.nyam.pai

Sem.chan t’, t’ug tse.wa ch’en.poi, j’’i lab.tu.sol

Brief Mandala

This ground, anointed with incense and strewn with flowers,

Adorned with Mt. Meru, the four continents, sun and moon,

I offer, visualized as a buddha realm.

May all migrators enjoy this completely pure realm.

Sa.zhi po.kyi j’ug shing me.tog tram

Ri.rab ling.zhi nyi.da di

Sang.gya zhing.d’u mig.te ul.war gyi

Dro.kun nam.d’ag cho.par shog.

Inner Mandala

This objects with which my greed, hatred and confusion grow –

Friends, enemies, strangers, body and possessions –

I offer without hesitation.

Graciously accept them and bless me to be freed

From the three poisons upon their occurrence.

Dag.g’i ch’ag.dang mong.sum kye.pai yul

Dra ngen b’ar.sum lu.d’ang long.cho cha

P’ me.par’i leg.zhe na

D’ug.sum rang.sar dr’ol.war j’in.gyi lob.

Auspicious Prayer

The following prayer may be added for auspiciousness:

Please bless me that the lives of the glorious gurus be long,

That there be happiness and comfort everywhere equalling space,

And that myself and others, without exception, accumulate

The collections (of merit and wisdom), purify the obscurations,

And quickly achieve Buddhahood.

Pal.dan la.mai ku.tse dang

K’a, nyam de.kyi jung.wai dang

Dag.zhen tsog.sag dib.j’ang na

Nyur.du sang.gya t’ob.par j’’i lob.

Idam guru ratna mandalakam niryatayami.

I.dam nir.ya.ta.ya.mi.

Visualization and Motivation

The (Mahayana) Restoring and Purifying Ordination should be taken for the

first time in the presence of the guru. Hence, imagine that the guru is the actual

Great Compassionate One and that around him are all the conquerors and

their children, and generate intense faith and respect. Make three prostrations

and sit facing them with a respectful demeanour. In order to receive the Restoring

and Purifying Ordination, offer a mandala to the virtuous friend.

With fervent feeling, think :

At any cost, I must achieve the precious state of Buddhahood, which is perfectly complete (in realizations), for the sake of all mother sentient beings (whose presence is) equal to space. For this reason I shall take the Mahayana Restoring and Purifying Ordination and protect it well until tomorrow sunrise.

Actual Ordination

(Repeating after the guru, recite the following lines three times: upon completion of the third repetition, meditate joyfully that you have received the vows in your continuum)

All Buddhas and Bodhisattvas residing in the ten directions, please pay attention to me.

Master please pay attention to me.

Ch’ zhug.pai sang.gya.d’ang,’ t’am.cha,, lab.pon

Just as the previous tathagatas, foe destroyers, perfectly completed

buddhas who, like the divine wise horse and the great elephant, did

what had to be done and performed actions, laid down the burden,

subsequently attained their own welfare, completely exhausted the

fetters to existence and had perfect speech, well-liberated minds,

and well liberated wisdom; for the welfare of all sentient beings, in

order to benefit, in order to liberate, in order to eliminate famine, in

order to eliminate sickness, in order to fully complete the practices

harmonious with enlightenment, and in order to definitely realize

unsurpassed, perfectly complete enlightenment, perfectly performed

the Restoring and Purifying Ordination; similarly, also I, who am

called (say your name), from this time until tomorrow sunrise, for the

welfare of all sentient beings, in order to benefit, in order to liberate,

in order to eliminate famine, in order to eliminate sickness, in

order to fully complete the practices harmonious with enlightenment,

and in order to definitely realize unsurpassed, perfectly complete

enlightenment, and in order to definitely realize unsurpassed, perfectly complete

enlightenment, shall perfectly undertake the Restoring and

Purifying Ordination.

J’i.tar’i d’ yang.d’ag, par dzong.pai

sang.gya, ta.chang.she ta.bu, lang.po ch’en.po, j’a.wa j’a.shing

j’ j’, k’ur b’or.wa, rang.g’i.d’on’ob.oa, si.par

kun.tu.jor.wa, yang.d’ag.pai ka, leg.par nam.par

dr’ol.wai.t’ug, leg.par nam.par dr’ol.wai she.rab.chan d’e.d’ag.g’i

sem.chan t’am.cha.kyi d’’’ir d’ang, pan.par j’’ir d’ang,

d’ang, dr’ol.war j’’ir d’ang, mu.g’e me.par j’’ir d’ang,

na me.par j’’ir d’ang, j’’ub kyi ch’og.kyi ch’o.nam dzog.par j’a.’ir d’ang, yang.d’ag.par

dzog.pai j’’ub nge.par tog.par j’’ir, so.jong

yang.d’ag.par d’e.zhin.d’u, dag (say your name) zhe.gyi.wa

kyang , d’u zung.te j’ sang’i b’ar.d’u,

sem.chan t’am.cha.kyi don.gyi,ch’ir d’ang, pan.par j’’ir

d’ang, dr’ol.war j’’ir d’ang, mu.g’e me.par j’’ir.d’ang,

na me.par j’a’ir d’ang, j’’ub kyi ch’og.kyi ch’o.nam dzog.par j’’ir d’ang, yang.d’ag.par

dzog.pai j’’ub nge.par tog.par j’’ir, so.jong

yang.d’ag.par lang.war.gyio

Then the guru will say : this is the method T’ab

Upon which you say : Excellent.

Then, recalling the bodhicitta motivation as explained before, think:

Just as the previous arthats abandoned all faulty behaviour of body and

Speech, such as killing and so forth, and mentally turned away from

Them; similarly, I too shall properly practice the trainings by avoiding

Those faulty behaviour for one day for the welfare of all sentient beings.

Prayers of the Precepts

Then recite (the prayer of the precepts) one time after (the guru):

From now on I shall not kill

Nor take others’ possessions.

I shall not engage in sexual activity

Nor speak false words.

D’ sog.cho mi.j’a.zhing’i nor.yang lang.mi.j’a

Tr’ig.pai ch’o.kyang mi.cho.ching’i tsig.kyang

I shall completely avoid alcohol,

Which fosters many faults.

I shall not use great or high seats and beds, and

Likewise I shall avoid food at the wrong times,

Perfume, garlands, jewellery, and

Dancing, singing and so on. mang.po nyen.ten.pai

Ch’ pang.war.j’a

Tr’i.tan ch’e.t’o mi.j’a.zhing


Dr’i.d’ang tr’eng.wa gyan.d’

G’ar.d’ang lu.sog pang.war.j’a

Just as the foe destroyers

Never kill and so on,

Likewise I shall avoid killing and so on.

May I quickly attain supreme enlightenment.

May I free this world, disturbed by much suffering,

From the ocean of existence.

Ji’tar dra.chom

Sog cho la.sog mi.j’e tar

D’e.zhin sog.cho la.sog.pang j’’ub nyur.t’ob.shog.

Dul.ngal’ug jin.ten.di

Si.pai drol.war.shog.

Dharani of Immaculate Morality

The guru will lead the recitation of the Dharani of Immaculate Morality three times, then recite it twenty-one times:

Om amogha shila sambhara, bhara bhara,

Maha shuddha sattva padme vibhushita bhuja,

Dhara dhara, samanta, Avolokite, Hum Phat svaha

Om’, ba.ra ba.ra,

Ma.ha shu.d’a bu.dza,

Da.ra da.ra,,, Hung Pha so.ha.


Then adorn the end with dedications and prayers such as:

Endowed with faultless morality of the rules

And immaculate morality,

May the perfection of morality be completed

With a morality without conceit.

Tr’im.kyi’im ching’im nam.par d’ag.d’ang dan

Lom.sem me.pai’im kyi’im p’a.rol ch’in.dzog shog.

The following dedication prayers may also be recited here:

May the precious mind of bodhichitta

Be born in those in whom it has not been generated

May that which has been generated not decline,

But increase more and more.

J’’ub’og rin.po ch’e

Ma.kye pa.nam kye.gyur chig d’ang

G’ g’ong.tu pel.war shog.

Due to these virtues may all beings

Completed the collections of merits and wisdom

And attain the two holy bodies that

Arise from merit and wisdom.

Ge.wa di.yi kye.wo kun

So.nam ye.she tsog.sag shing

So.nam ye.she la.j’ung.wai

D’ nyi.yi t’ob.par shog.

Just as the hero Manjushri knows

And Samantabhadra does, too,

I totally dedicate all these virtues

For the sake of training to follow them all.

Jam.pal pa.wo j’i.tar ky’ d’ang

Kun.tu zang.po d’e.yang d’e.zhin te

D’e.d’ag’i dag.lob ch’ir

Ge.wa di.d’ag t’am.cha rab.tu ngo.

With the dedication praised as the best

By the conquerors who come in the three times,

I too totally all these roots of virtue

For the sake of pure conduct.

D’u.sum sheg.pai gyal.wa t’am.cha kyi

Ngo.wa g’ ch’og,tu d’e

Dag.g’i ge.wai tza.wa di.kun kyang

Zang.po’ir rab.tu ngo.war gyi.

'Taking the Eight Mahayana Precepts' prayers taken from “Nyung Na, The means of Achievement of the Eleven-faced Great Compassionate One, Avalokiteshvara”.

Posted by Candy Tan upon the request of Geshe Tenzin Zopa.

All errors are entirely mine.