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February 16, 2009

Message all the way from Berlin!

Dear all,

I am doing very well here in Berlin. It’s snowing and the people who invited me here is taking very good care of me with very good hotel, good food, many parties to attend and many movies to view.

The Movie Unmistaken Child received many great reviews and the screening has been very very successful up to now. There were total 6 screenings and every screening had approximately 500 audiences and basically every seat is fully occupied. After each screening, I have to attend to questions and answers and that is where I have a chance to share dharma with so many people. Everyone loves the movie! It’s also regarded as one of the best “True Love” movie ever.

Very soon all countries are going to show this movie and that includes USA, Canada, Japan and in Israel the Unmistaken Child have been showing for the past two months and each time the theatres are full. This movie might also be brought in to Singapore during their film festival.

For the past few days, I had interviews with 11 different press including television from all over the world including the Middle East countries. By the way, Unmistaken Child movie was regarded as one of the best documentary movie in Berlin Film festivals. Many many people where so touched by the movie and it’s targeted that a few millions going to watch the movie this year. REJOICE!!!!

To all my Malaysian students and friends, see you all on 25th February which is Losar night for light offering. Take care all.

With lots of prayers,