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May 12, 2008

Compact Disk Recording

I am very happy to actualize the recording of various prayers and pujas with intention to share, inspire and bring some benefits by only listening to the chanting in particular to those who needed them. This has been my long time wish and I am very happy that it’s now at the final stage of printing and will be completed by 14th May which will be launched on Wesak day both in Singapore and Malaysia simultaneously.

I have recorded all these chanting based on proper and pure traditionally unbroken lineage method for the entire sequence of the prayers, tune, motivation (while recording) and dedication. It is unlike the recording of the modern CDs you find today whereby their main focus is based on the music and different modern creation tunes.

So these sets of CDs which has been developed is something different and very rare. I like to reiterate that the recording of the CDs are conducted professionally and these prayers and chanting are all based and passed on through pure unbroken lineage.

There are a series of 4 CDs all together. Each chanting of the pujas are for different purpose. It also has great effect and blessings to actualize the purpose by the blessings of this proper and unbroken lineage and complete sequence.

Guru Puja

I have dedicated one CD for the extensive accumulation of merit based on Guru Yoga practice to actualize all your mundane and spiritual wish is the Guru Puja. Guru Puja contains 3 CDs in one pack.

Tara Puja

Tara Puja for the actualizing of one’s wishes instantly fulfilled such as spiritual realization and mundane (Business or Projects) purpose. Tara Puja contains 2 CDs in one pack.

Medicine Buddha Puja

Medicine Buddha Puja CD is for the cure of hindrance, physical and mental sickness in this life time and prevention of physical and mental sickness in future times. It also actualises one to have a long, healthy and meaningful life. Medicine Buddha Puja is in 1 CD.

Protector Puja

Protector Puja is to clear all the inner, outer and secret obstacles and to actualize the 4 activities like peaceful, increasing, controlling and wrathful. Protector Puja is also in 1 CD.

I will manage this project personally to establish funds for the coming new or any re production of these CDs. I am also going to use these funds from the sales for the charity purpose, especially all projects which are under my jurisdiction. If any of the FPMT centres or other centres, retail outlets who wishes to carry these ranges of CDs, kindly contact me through email @ .

Thank you.