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May 30, 2008

Choden Rinpoche visits LDC – April 2008

Once again we were so fortunate to have the opportunity to invite Choden Rinpoche to LDC and so blessed to receive the teachings on Heart Sutra and Clam Abiding. These 2 teachings are in fact the subjects from the Basic Foundation Course that LDC is conducting since January 2008 and all the students are indeed very fortunate to have the chance to receive direct teachings on these 2 topics. We also have the opportunity to receive the blessings of body, speech and mind of the Black Manjushri and many even had the opportunity to receive private blessing. Rinpoche also blessed the centre.

Rinpoche is very happy and his attendants expressed that this is one of the most enjoyable trip they have had. All the members, students and friends in LDC made their stay here in KL very comfortable and we all hope and pray that Rinpoche will again return to LDC soon.

At the same time, I had a surprise visitor who’s my former my classmate Chokor Rinpoche during Choden Rinpoche’s visit. He spend almost a month and even though I was busy with my duties in LDC and didn’t get a chance to attend to him but with the full support of our Venerables, I am sure Chokor Rinpoche enjoyed his stay and his wishes was fulfilled in every expect.

One of my friends, a Kopan monk also gave me a surprise visit and again due to my busy schedule I also didn’t spend much time with him but I hope he too enjoyed his stay in Malaysia.

Pictures courtesy of Emillie.

Chokor Rinpoche

Chokor Rinpoche with Choden Rinpoche's 2 attendants

Extensive mandala offering for Choden Rinpoche

Choden Rinpoche at Puja

Extensive mandala offering

Offering to Rinpoche

The large crowd at Puja

Tsog offering