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February 20, 2008


MIND TRAINING translated by Thupten Jinpa

About this book – The text in Mind Training: The Great Collection represents the flowering of an important spiritual culture dedicated to the perfection of the human heart. That process of perfection requires the radical altruism encapsulated in the famous mind training injunction to “give the victory to others”. In their birthplace of Tibet, these spiritual writings have inspired, nurtured and transformed millions of people across generations.


Bodhisattva’s Jewel Garland

How Atisa Relinquished His Kingdom

The Story of Atisa’s Voyage to Sumatra

Root Lines of Mahayana Mind Training

Annotated Root Lines of Mahayana Mind Training

Seven-Point Mind Training

A Commentary on the “Seven-Point Mind Training”

The Wheel of Sharp Weapons

The Peacock’s Neutralizing of Poison

Melodies of an Adamantine Song: A Chanting Meditation on Mind Training

Stages of the Heroic Mind

Leveling Out All Conceptions

A Teaching on Taking Afflictions onto the Path

Guru Yoga Mind Training

An Instruction on Purifying Negative Karma

Mahayana Purification of Grudges

Two Yoginis’ Admonition to Atisa to Train His Mind

Kusulu’s Accumulation Mind Training

Mind Training Taking Joys and Pains onto the Path

Sumpa Lotsawa’s Ear-Whispered Mind Training

Bodhisattva Samatabhadra’s Mind Training

Eight Sessions Mind Training

Mind Training Removing Obstacles

Mahayana Mind Training Eliminating Future Adversities

Atisa’s Seven-Point Mind Training

Mind Training in Single Session

Advice to Namdak Tsuknor

Glorious Virvapa’s Mind Training

Eight Verses on Mind Training

A Commentary on “Eight Verses on Mind Training”

The Story of the Repulsive Mendicant

A Commentary on “Leveling Out All Conceptions”

Mahayana Mind Training

Public Explication of Mind Training

Yangonpa’s Instruction on Training the Mind

Guide to the Heart of Dependant Origination

Supplement on the “Oral Tradition”

Root Lines of “Parting from the Four Clingings”

Parting from the Four Clingings

Unmistaken Instructions on “Parting from the Four Clingings”

An Instruction on “Parting from the Four Clingings”

A Key to the Profound Essential Points: A Meditation Guide to “Parting from the Four Clingings”

A Concise Guide to “Parting from the Four Clingings”