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January 26, 2009

2009 Chinese New Year and Losar Greetings

Dear friends, dharma brothers and sisters,

As we all know, last year has been quite a difficult year for many either financially or in many other different aspect. But we should realize these are all due to results of past karma in particularly result of the world collective karma.

I feel there is nothing to worry nor stressed up about because our negative karma’s has the ability to be purified. Even if it is definite karma to experience the result, by today, we may have purified that karma. So we have all the reasons to start a brand new year with a happy, joyous, hopes and inspiration in every aspect of our lives.

And at the same time, those who have specially karmic connection with me, I had the opportunity to do a 3 months retreat and I believe that I receive lots of blessing, and I have dedicated all the merit accumulated in that retreat plus whatever merits I have in the past to all students, friends, dharma brothers and sisters.

I wish everyone endless happiness, great prosperity, good health, great inspiration in spiritual path and long life for year 2009.

Not to worry but for the better future, for our special practice as well as prosperity in our worldly life, it comes out very beneficial for us to purify whatever that coming difficulties in 2009 is to engage in the practice of chanting 110 thousand Vajrasattva mantra .

Please click here for long and short Vajrasattva mantra.

For at least for 6 months, try to reduce spending and try to do more meritorious deeds such as practice rejoicing (feel happy for other’s actions including yours). I really hope this year and the year after will be enlightening for us all by actualising all this 2 courses which are purification and accumulation.

With love,

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