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April 11, 2008

Trip to Penang – April 1 - 5, 2008

During the first semester break of our Basic Foundation Course (BFC), I was very glad I had the opportunity to visit Penang - Choki Gyaltsen Centre (CGC). I took this great opportunity to fulfil their request to have teachings on various expects of Buddhadharma and I was also very happy and surprise that the number of attendance is three times more than my previous visit which was about a year ago. Many new comers were very interested especially to study the BFC. So I have initiated the study program base on the transcript that was accomplished by LDC. CGC president Daniel will lead the discussion for the coming 3 months and I will do a summary clarification on their doubts to prepare them for the exam. There are quite a large number of people interested in this program and some have started with the discussion and home study with the transcript. Those with queries or doubts may contact me via email or through my mobile for clarification.

It is one of Kyabje Lama Zopa Rinpoche’s (KLZR) holy wishes that I visit CGC since my arrival in LDC, Malaysia but due to many circumstances, I was unable to offer my service or be present there. But after the great blessings by KLZR and Khen Rinpoche (KR), the karma instantly ripen and also the program that LDC have organized allowed me to spare time for CGC without obstructing any LDC programs. I therefore feel satisfied and I hope and pray that I will be able to fulfil the wishes of KLZR and KR have for CGC and may I be able to offer the service without any further obstacles in future.

I felt so touched that the students there have shown great appreciation and much sincerity and even though they didn’t get to spend many days with me but whatever time spent together, we used for dharma talk, questions and answers sessions. Many expressed that the gathering we had as very enlightening moment.

Whatever merit accumulated by everyone is solely dedicated to the long and healthy life of our gurus and for all their holy wishes be fulfilled plus the well being and enlightenment path for all students, volunteers and benefactors of CGC.

I will visit CGC at least 3 times a year and they will study the same program and sit for the exam just like the LDC students. That way, they will also be provided the opportunity they deserve and at the end of this accomplishment of the BFC, everyone will receive great blessings from our most respected guru KLZR. Rejoice and rejoice!!

I also sincerely thank all the coordinators who put so much effort to make my stay there a most meaningful one.

These are some pictures taken by Bobby Yeoh.