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March 29, 2008

Note to readers

Dear friends and readers,

I can see a lot of nice feedback and response on this blog and I hope that you enjoy viewing and reading all that’s been posted. Main purpose is to bring some virtuous thoughts and input into all readers and to share what I can offer. So I really hope you all like it. And most importantly I wish and pray that whoever read this blog,may it be able to bring them happiness in their mind and also in their life, create auspiciousness in whatever they do or lifestyle and most importantly inspire them to live a virtuous life. Whether one have the ability to benefit others in a big or small way, sincerely do the best to benefit others especially living oneself as a virtuous person. Embrace a life by being kind, compassionate, loving, respect, sincere, pure, ethical, be a good human being is the least you can contribute if you cannot help others. Live a life without harming any sentient being! With this way of life, may you enjoy good health, long life, prosperity and all the happiness in this life. This is the main purpose of sharing my blog with all.

And I apologize that I was unable to reply to all individually and to those who have send question to my gmail and thru the blog due to my extremely tight schedule. My answer for all is to live a virtuous life and everything you wish for will come through. This will not only bring peace within you but for every single being in the world. I would also like to show my sincere appreciation and countless thanks to the administrative team who help to actualize and create this blog namely Candy, William and Elenie and others who have provided all the beautiful pictures, suggestions and put in willingly immense effort, whole heartedly and sincerely. In fact whatever benefits we are getting it is due to their kindness which I truly appreciate. May every one of us be blessed with a meaningful life.