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January 14, 2008

Advise For Year 2008

I sincerely pray and wish that everyone is happy, healthy and prosperous and most importantly they have a meaningful life filled with great moments, days, weeks, months and year in 2008. It is definitely due to past collective good karma that we are still alive with the inspiration to be a better person and to actualize the perfection of our body, speech and mind. So we should be thankful and appreciate our previous lives where we have accumulated some good actions to have this opportunity in today’s life and also thankful to one’s parents who have provided this healthy physical form. Countless thanks also go to all the gurus, buddhas and bodhisattvas who have always blessed us to inspire the path of liberation. Therefore it’s important that all negative actions done in the past is purified now by applying the 4 opponent powers and one should remove these negative thoughts from one’s mind and never reflecting them again in the coming days, rather one should create good aura, good environment especially the contented mind with a lot of respect for yourself and others. Be more tolerant, generous and be more focus towards good deeds and put more joyous effort in one’s spiritual path to eliminate the disturbing mind and delusion and construct virtue mind, the altruism such as loving kindness, compassion and try to live a day to day life with wisdom, mindfulness and introspection which will only bring happiness and a meaningful life.

This year it’s especially important for us to actualize our compassion towards every living being and it’s suggested to accumulate the 6 syllable compassionate Buddha’s mantra as much as you can with the understanding that this 6 syllable is the antidote to pacifying of the 6 realm beings and each syllable take the responsibility to liberate the 6 realms beings to the state of peerless happiness. It is a beneficial practice to enhance happiness in oneself and others and it is a very effective practice to enhance health and longevity of your gurus, loved ones, dispel the obstacles in relationship, business and can enhance better education for children. It also helps somebody who have passed away, bringing them into rebirth in pure land where there is only happiness and no suffering.

In short, in everyday life it’s very important for us to think and live a life with this thought. Even ask oneself everyday “Don’t I think it is so nice and wonderful and meaningful to live a life thinking and doing my best to benefit oneself and others in this way?”

“As long as space remains, as long as sentient beings remain
Then may I too remain to free the misery of the world
May I become the complete cause for all other living beings
Slight happiness up to everlasting happiness”