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March 25, 2008

Phone call to Phuntsok Rinpoche (March 2008)

About one week ago, I called Phuntsok Rinpoche and somehow he was the one pick up the phone. Naturally he asked who I was and my reply to him was “I am your great uncle”. Then I continued to ask him “Do you remember I have plans to test you on some of the prayers I requested you to memorize? I will test you when I see you next time”. Phuntsok Rinpoche then replied “I will do the test now but do you remember what you promise to give me if I pass the test? You promise to give me a toy car.” “Toy car? I thought you were joking” was what I said to him.

He then started reciting for approximately ten minutes all the prayers that I requested him to memorize. It was very shocking and wonderful, at the same time delighting moment for me that he has put so much effort to memorize these prayers. He is doing very well in his studies and so from this year onwards, he will do extensive studies and language memorization. He has also grown up to 5 years old and he is in good health and very happy in monastery that he do not wish to leave the monastery boundary. This is indeed very good and wonderful for him and for all of us too.

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