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March 18, 2008

Geshe Lobsang Sherab Visits Malaysia

The year 2008 continue to be happening! It was indeed a surprise for Geshe Lobsang Sherab to visit Malaysia through a private invitation for a holiday. I found out about his visit just one or two days before his arrival. I felt very happy that he is in Malaysia as he was the former resident teacher in LDC and I thought it would be a great opportunity to have a reunion among his students and friends and to remember his kindness of his one year service and teaching in LDC and representing our holy guru Kyabje Lama Zopa Rinpoche.

On the first day of Geshe Sherab’s visit, we did an extensive guru puja especially dedicated to repay his kindness for all that he has done in that one year in LDC. Geshe Sherab participated happily in the puja.

As the present resident teachers in LDC now, it’s my responsibility to remember the kindness of all the past teachers who have thought in LDC as well as the past members who have served the centre. We therefore decided to have a reunion and welcoming dinner for Geshe Sherab together with all exco, old and new members. Geshe-la was very pleased and so was everyone. He also made connection with new students and members here. At the same time there were 2 other sanghas from Sera who’s visiting Malaysia and we also extended our invitation to them. We were friends from Sera and we had some great moments, chatting and recalling our past in the Monastery.

It was very unfortunately that I was so busy with the Losar and Chinese New Year schedule that I didn’t manage to spend much time with Geshe-la but I am certain he enjoyed himself to the fullest with his fun packed activities of visiting friend’s houses performing house blessing and pujas and holiday around the island of the east coast of Malaysia.

Geshe-la has now left for Singapore for about five days then will head back to Kopan Monastery. We all wish and pray for Geshe-la’s good health, long life and may he come back again and again to Malaysia.

Here are some pictures taken during Geshe Sherab’s visit.