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November 28, 2011

A trip down memory lane with Geshe Tenzin Zopa

Picture courtesy of Valerie Chan

November 12, 2011 - It was 8.15am when we walked into LDC to pick Geshe Zopa. He was all ready, dressed in a black tee, three quarter pants and a white Om Mani Padme Hum cap. Clearly this was the start of the awesome 2 days / 1 night adventure filled with wild, crazy, wet and fun packed activities at My Gopeng Resort, an Eco Park Resort located beside the rafting point on Kampar River, Gopeng town which is 20km away from Ipoh (Perak State, Malaysia). This trip was organized to celebrate with our Geshe-la before his departure from LDC as a Resident Teacher.

The highlight of our trip was the white water rafting, a 12km journey with thrills of tackling exciting rapids & floating down the water river through the beautiful rainforest. Some friends got tossed out of the boat (including me/Candy) and without exception, every one of us got soaked from head to toe. Throughout the journey, everyone was screaming, shouting and laughing. During the night we had another challenging activity which involved tracking through the thick and steep jungle. As it was raining earlier that morning, the track was slippery and full of leaches. Many got bitten all over including our Geshe-la (Oh Buddha!!!). We were required to hold hands with one another through (with torch off) the oil palm plantation to avoid being attack by snakes. More excitement for all!

We started the next day with a delicious local spread breakfast, followed by a 40 minutes walk to the waterfall. We spend about an hour playing & enjoying in the clear and cool waters from the forest.

Geshe Zopa simply loves the nature and clearly has enjoyed this short trip...and so did we! Thank you very much Geshe-la for making time to spend these 2 days with us. It was indeed a trip no one can forget & something money simply cannot buy!!!

We hope & pray you will come back again and again to Malaysia to be with your students who will continue to miss & love you dearly.

With much love, endless devotion & prayers,
William & Candy